Privacy Policy

MysticSole cares about your privacy while you’re on our site. We aim for your shopping experience to be enjoyable. While we need to gather some personal info, we respect your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your data.

The info we collect is solely to reach out to you if needed or to follow up on your order. We don’t store any financial details, just your order, contact, and preferences. No account or card numbers are kept.

We may collect session, contact, and order details on our server and your browser using session storage or cookies. We won’t share it except for necessary product delivery, marketing, or improvement purposes. Marketing materials might be sent through emails or digital mediums to your contact info. We may analyze your spending patterns to enhance our services. MysticSole can modify this policy in the future without notice.

This Privacy Policy applies to MysticSole’s site. Your use of the site means you agree with this policy. If you disagree, please avoid using the site.